a different kind of wine company


A Different Kind Of Wine Company

So what’s so different about us? First of all, we specialise in one region, Languedoc Roussillon, one of the most innovative in the world and referred to, for simplicity as “the Languedoc”. We concentrate on this region because it gives us an in-depth appreciation of the ‘terroir’ and the unique combination of producer and place that creates each vintage. It also keeps us on the pulse of what’s happening, even in its furthest corners, so we can find and support the best talent - beit an exciting new producer or a ground breaking wine - and bring it to our customers.

Secondly, we work only with the region’s best, often pioneering, growers who combine low yields with passion and enthusiasm for producing special wines. We welcome their willingness to break the rules, their obsession with quality, their insistence on putting creativity before commerce and the diversity of their output. We recognise that, at the heart of it, is an elemental connection with the land, hard work in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the wine making process.

Finally, we build relationships with growers based on respect, trust and mutual benefit over the long term. Buying direct, we develop an understanding of the unique methods and philosophy used by each vineyard, gaining insights that we can then pass onto our customers. Importantly, we also pay fair prices - no middlemen, no marketing demands, no pressure - that do real justice to the wines we buy.

These principles are at the heart of our business. They’re founded on our desire to support excellent growers and deliver wines of character, quality and value to our customers. Here you’ll find a full listing of all our wines - vintages, grapes and prices – and some insight into the people, philosophies and practices behind them. We hope you enjoy this taste of the Languedoc.