Finding the very best wines of the region

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Foreword from Peter Mayle A different wine company

Welcome to Terroir Languedoc Wines

Gemma WineWe are delighted to have won the International Wine Challenge Specialist Merchant of the Year Award for Languedoc-Roussillon 2013. Many thanks to all our customers for their support!

We hope that you will enjoy our selection of wines from one of the most diverse regions of France - Languedoc Roussillon. We already supply many of the leading restaurants in the country.

All of the wines are produced in small quantities in as natural a manner as possible, most using organic or biodynamic methods.

Our objective has always been to work as directly as possible with growers who are totally dedicated to producing limited quantities of finest quality wines and who share our passion for the concept of "terroir" - that ephemeral "sense of place"

In doing so, we believe that we are bringing you the essence of Southern France in a bottle.


The Languedoc Regions


Recommended Wines